See original article in LINK Magazine issue Winter 2015 Growing up in Uganda, Dr. Abdullah Kirumira, coming from a family of physicians, understood the challenges of practicing medicine without affordable diagnostics support. After moving to Canada and becoming a professor of biochemistry at Acadia University in Wolfville, Dr. Kirumira focused his research on developing diagnostics tools and formed BioMedica Diagnostics Inc. in 1999. BioMedica Diagnostics` focus is on providing affordable diagnostic solutions in the global human and animal health arenas and has been gaining momentum in the diagnostics field, slowly and steadily becoming a significant provider for partners and customers who care about what really makes the difference in healthcare. This year has been different from past years as BioMedica Diagnostics has a new and different story to tell. The company has been immersed in a radical transformation encompassing its products, business development approach, and defining its own brand and values to send a single important message:  “Our success is based on our Quality – the Quality of our team, of our products, and of our collaborative relationships and partnerships.” “The entire team has been engaged in a broad discussion about what key initiatives are necessary to update our current business model and maintaining and increasing BioMedica Diagnostics’ relevance in today’s evolving global healthcare environment,” says Brian Jeffers, CEO of BioMedica Diagnostics. BioMedica Diagnostics is creating a corporate culture that the team takes great pride in because they know everything they do makes a difference in the lives of the people they touch through BioMedica Diagnostics’ products around the world.  They work in an environment where they are empowered and accountable, with a total focus on quality and execution which allows them to stay true to the ideals of the corporate mission statement – to bring innovation, quality and affordability to diagnostic solutions in the global community they live in. The company has recently launched a new structure focused at this time on two business units:   the Thrombosis and Haemostasis Business Unit, which concentrates on developing and manufacturing customized reagents for blood analysis instrumentation platforms, and the Laboratory Solutions Business Unit, which engages with key stakeholders in the healthcare system to understand and identify the diagnostic needs of underserved markets or segments, in order to help initiate improved patient care through access to better diagnosis. The Laboratory Solutions Unit designs, sources, and places a new lab where it is needed, trains the necessary people on the ground, and introduces quality systems to ensure the continued success of the installed lab solution, thus leaving a positive long term impact in the communities where BioMedica Diagnostics operates. “Sustainability of the lab once placed is a priority for us, and we work with our partners to ensure the lab will produce optimum results for years post placement,” says Jeffers. BioMedica Diagnostics manufactures the solutions it develops, to provide its partners with the best tools needed. They are focused on competing and collaborating globally to increase the number of international markets it presently serves. “We can proudly say that what we develop and make in Windsor is used in R&D, QA/QC testing, and diagnosis of such things as cardiovascular risk in patients all over the world,” says Jeffers, “BioMedica Diagnostics is creating high value R&D, Administrative, Commercialization and Manufacturing jobs in Nova Scotia, and is looking forward to growing the team as the business strategy unfolds.” In November 2014, BioMedica Diagnostics’ team took part in one of the most important trade shows in the industry – MEDICA, with 4,800 exhibitors from around the world displaying its products and services.  Once again, the company was proud to be part of the Canadian Pavilion and proud to showcase Nova Scotia’s capabilities.  “We never miss a chance to show people around the world the innovation and quality Canada and Nova Scotia is all about.” states Jeffers. “BioMedica Diagnostics considers itself a small company today, but we are just getting started,” explains Jeffers, “It’s an amazing world out there and we are convinced that with our fantastic team, hard work, and the continued support of our community and stakeholders, we can play a meaningful role in helping people through better access to better diagnosis.  We are eager to work even harder every day to continue to bring innovative and affordable diagnostic solutions to the global community and especially to the people that need it most.” BioMedica Diagnostics can be found in over 50 countries around the world and are helping people live better lives through better diagnosis.  Poised for continued growth, BioMedica Diagnostics is focused on what makes the difference in healthcare: quality, affordability and reliability.]]>