We want to congratulate members Ascenta Health on their acquisition by U.S. based Nature’s Way. Ascenta Health began as a small Dartmouth based start-up in 2003 and through hard work and innovation have become a lead manufacturer of omega-3 health supplements. The acquisition highlights the success of our industry as we continue to attract the attention of global business leaders and contribute to a sustainable economy. HALIFAX – Ascenta Health Limited announced today that it has entered into a sale agreement with U.S.-based health brand, Nature’s Way, for an undisclosed amount. As a division of Nature’s Way, the company’s operations and employees will continue in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Ascenta Health was established in 2003 by Marc St-Onge and manufactures Omega-3 health supplements under its consumer brand NutraSea. “Ascenta Health has been a pioneer in the important omega-3 category with its vision, innovative research, and commitment to being environmentally responsible,” said Ascenta CEO and President Marc St-Onge said. “From our beginnings as a small Dartmouth based start-up to our current position as an industry leader, we have achieved a lot in 12 short years.” St-Onge, who as as part of the agreement will retain ownership in the company’s newly developed skincare brand Ascenta Skin, believes that opportunities for growth will continue under Nature’s Way. “We are excited to have the market leading NutraSea brand and the Ascenta team join forces with our Nature’s Way business in Canada,” said Mike Devereux, CEO of Nature’s Way. “Together we will continue to bring high quality solutions to market that enable the users of our Brands to focus on their own health and wellness initiatives.” Nature’s Way’s Senior Vice President, Rory Mahony leads the organization’s Canadian business. The company employs over 60 people in manufacturing, research, sales and marketing and Nature’s Way will continue to invest in the company’s operations in Nova Scotia. For more information on Ascenta Health, visit https://www.ascentahealth.com/   About Ascenta Health Ltd. Ascenta is a leading manufacturer of natural health products. Headquartered in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, the company develops, produces and markets omega-3 supplements for human and animal health. Its human products under the NutraSea and NutraVege brand have a dominant position in the Canadian market with a rapidly growing profile. Most recently, Ascenta launched Spark, an Omega-3 supplement developed to promote brain function, memory and focus. In 2009 Ascenta received $4 million in growth capital from Calgary based Avrio Capital. Ascenta products are sold throughout North America. www.ascentahealth.com About Nature’s Way A pioneer in herbal supplements, Nature’s Way® is one of the most recognized and trusted consumer brands of dietary supplements.  Nature’s way is known for its expansive line of whole herbs, standardized extracts, vitamins & minerals, and homeopathic remedies.  Nature’s Way® products include brands such as Alive!® multi-vitamins, Umcka® Cold Care, Sambucus®, and Primadophilus® probiotics. They offer over 600 premium nutritional and natural products.  For more information visit www.naturesway.com. For further information, contact: Tara Wickwire NATIONAL Public Relations E twickwire@national.ca T 902.332.8029]]>