See original article written in Spring 2015 edition of LINK magazine High aspect Gold Nanorods are emerging as a very useful material, with promising applications in “in vivo” medical applications such as; diagnostic imaging and hyperthermal cancer treatment. The use of gold nanorod’s in these applications have been hampered by the fact that current synthesis methods use a chemical called CTAB, which is a toxic substance. The presence of CTAB in the nanoparticles is hindering its use in in vivo applications. SONA Nanotech founders, Dr. Marangoni and Dr. Singh realized that the presence of cytotoxins in gold nanorods was a major impediment to the use of gold nanorods in some of these important in vivo applications and they saw an opportunity to make a difference. Their unique knowledge of surface chemistry and novel surfactant technologies allowed them to develop a method for synthesizing gold nanorod’s without the use of CTAB thereby eliminating the current barriers to adoption for these applications. SONA NanoTech’s method of synthesizing gold nanorod’s could mean the ability to treat soft tissue cancers like skin and prostate cancer very aggressively with no harmful side effects and the ability to pinpoint cancer cells very accurately with enhanced diagnostic imaging. SONA NanoTech’s new synthesis method also has a very high first pass yield compared to conventional methods which will result in a radical reduction in manufacturing costs. This will also facilitate the growth and applications for gold nanorod’s and position SONA to quickly gain a market leadership position. SONA expects to be offering gold nanorod’s by late Spring 2015.]]>