HealthQR is hoping to address with the release of their new mobile health app. The app’s purpose is to educate and empower patients with the information they need to properly manage their medications and their health. It provides patients with notifications to take their medications on time and reminders when their prescriptions are about to expire or need refills, which they can renew through the app. What makes the technology truly unique is that it syncs with the pharmacy’s database. This provides patients with prescribed schedules for taking their medication, an added safeguard and convenience not found in similar apps where prescriptions are entered manually. HealthQR envisions the technology will have the greatest impact on people who are at higher risk of non-adherence, such as those living with a chronic illness like diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis. An estimated 29 million people across North America fit this demographic and would benefit from the medication management software for the remainder of their lives. With the mobile health industry gaining in popularity, HealthQR’s technology has caught the attention of major drug companies out of the U.S. The increased funding has accelerated research and development and sets the public release of their technology on course for the end of 2015. In the meantime, Nova Scotian’s can download the app for Android and iOS, which is exclusively available through the Compass Pharmacy group that has seven locations across Halifax and Dartmouth. Patti3_LI Patricia Ryan – HealthQR CEO @HealthQR]]>