MotionBox Studios brings science to life with 3D animation

See original article in Spring 2016 edition of LINK Magazine In life sciences, there is more than just the science and technology; there is a story to tell. There can be a great challenge in explaining the complex mechanisms behind the science. That is where Motionbox Studios hopes to help companies by producing high-quality 3D medical, biomedical and scientific animated videos. Whether in the pharmaceutical / vaccine, biotech or medical technology industry, Motionbox Studios goal is to help companies engage with investors and general audiences through the creation of high-end visuals and dynamic content. 3D medical animation truly focuses and emphasizes product and service benefits by delivering an educational, entertaining and engaging experience. Founders Natalie and Alex Gomez began their careers in children’s television programming, honing their skills in 3D animation. The two were first introduced to the life sciences industry when they were asked by a friend at Dalhousie University to create a 3D animation video for carpal tunnel release surgery which sparked a real passion for the industry and the work happening in Nova Scotia. The two formed the company in August 2015 and feel that they have opened the doors for Nova Scotia’s life sciences industry to showcase their product or technology in a professional and visually interesting manner. The team hopes to grow their business within the life sciences community by working with researchers and companies as well as blending their previous experience in children’s television by creating fun animated short films for sick children that will entertain them while educating them about their condition and treatments.]]>

CEO of Covina BioMedical speaks on impact of winning the BioInnovation Challenge

See original article in Spring 2016 edition of LINK Magazine Caitlin Pierlot, the CEO of Covina Biomedical Inc. (formerly known as Biofix Medical Technologies) says the early stage orthopaedic medical device company has seen a lot of growth since winning the fifth annual BioInnovation Challenge in 2015. Encouraging entrepreneurial activity, the BioInnovation Challenge was created by BioNova, Nova Scotia’s life sciences industry association and a number of partners as an investment competition to ease the transition from research laboratory to market. Each year the competition takes place during BioPort Atlantic and the winner is selected by a panel of judges and the conference audience. During the competition Pierlot captivated her audience as she pitched Covina’s pioneering bone cement technology. With evaluation criteria such as adaptability, market pull and consumer readiness, she defeated the competition with higher marks from the panelists and conference audience. “Our team benefited tremendously from the challenge. It forced us to make strategic decisions and in the end allowed us to develop a pitch that we had confidence using in front of powerful investment teams,” says Pierlot. Pierlot was first introduced to the competition by Covina cofounder Dr. Daniel Boyd who had previously won the competition through his involvement with ABK Biomedical in 2011. Hearing about the benefits of the competition first hand she knew it could be the boost Covina needed to get started. Since winning the challenge, which included a cash prize of $15,000 and $30,000 of in-kind services, Pierlot says Covina has used the resources to get started on the path to commercialization. The company has begun the process of building a strong brand identity, hired financial consultants to forecast regulatory approvals and global sales, and raised further investments and interest gained from the competition. Today the company is seeking further investment capital to boost their business strategy and continue down the path of receiving regulatory approvals to bring their product to market.]]>

Ontario Launches $20M Health Technologies Fund and Innovation Brokers

$20M Health Technologies Fund The new $20M Health Technologies Fund (HTF) will support the development of market-ready, made-in-Ontario health technologies by accelerating prototyping, evaluation and adoption in the Ontario health care sector. The fund will support projects that reflect priority areas of the government’s Patients First: Action Plan for Health Care. The first priority area for the HTF is Better Care Closer to Home. It will support home and community care through virtual, digital and mobile health care technologies. Applicants may apply for funding in one of three project categories:

  • Prototype
  • Pre-market evaluation
  • Early adoption
MEDEC is pleased to report that in addition to Ontario-based companies, the fund will also be open to any company that develops their technology in Ontario (specific parameters will be forthcoming). Preliminary program details are available here and applications will be accepted starting July 2016. Innovation Brokers Innovation Brokers will help remove barriers, so that innovative technologies and processes can be adopted by Ontario’s health care system and put to work for the benefit of patients. Innovation Brokers will also work with the Office of the Chief Health Innovation Strategist (OCHIS) to coordinate, integrate and ensure alignment of innovation with health system priorities and the needs of Ontario’s population. OCHIS has issued a Request for Expressions of Interest to establish a list of qualified and interested candidates as the first stage in a two-stage process for filling the Innovation Broker positions. More info can be found here. The OCHIS has also launched a new, easy-to-access link to their homepage at: The government’s news release on the announcement can be found here. A news story about the announcement which cites Mr. Charnetski’s remarks at MEDEC’s recent MedTech Conference can be found here. MEDEC is pleased that progress is being made on implementing the OHIC recommendations and we look forward to continue working with Mr. Charnetski and his office on the implementation in order to improve the environment for the medtech industry on behalf of our members. We will keep our members posted as this work progresses.]]>