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Government of Canada supports targeted marketing plan, regulatory approvals and research commercialization  May 14, 2018 – Halifax, NS – Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency Helping Atlantic Canadian businesses succeed by fostering greater innovation through the commercialization of research creates well-paying jobs and improves the lives of all Canadians. That is why the Government of Canada is supporting Adaptiiv Medical Technologies’ revolutionary ideas in the creation of patient-specific boluses to improve the delivery of more effective and accurate radiation doses to targeted areas. Andy Fillmore, Parliamentary Secretary for the Minister of Democratic Institutions and Member of Parliament for Halifax, announced a $328,943 investment of behalf of the Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, and Minister responsible for the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA). The contribution is being made through ACOA’s Business Development Program, which supports small and medium-sized companies’ innovation to improve competitiveness in export markets. The assistance will help Adaptiiv Medical Technologies obtain regulatory approval to expand into new markets in the United States, and to execute a new marketing plan featuring promotional materials and a demonstration video to showcase the company’s software to aid with its increased market reach. The funds will also help Adaptiiv finalize the commercialization of its High Dynamic Range (HDR) Imaging-Surface Bracatherapy Module, which is a form of treatment where sealed radiation is placed inside or next to the area requiring treatment. Bracatherapy is commonly used to treat cervical, prostate, breast and skin cancer, and can also be used to treat tumors in many other body sites. The investment builds on the commitments made by the Government of Canada and the four Atlantic Provinces to drive economic growth in Atlantic Canada through the Atlantic Growth Strategy. The Strategy supports targeted investments in initiatives that build on the region’s competitive advantages, such as its strong export potential and skilled labour to expand business activities between the region and international markets.


“Canada is a country of innovators. Curiosity, courage, and creativity are what lead to the kind of innovations and technologies that improve our daily lives and drive our economy, and our country, forward. Adaptiiv Medical Technologies, a pioneer in medical solutions to deliver better, more accurate treatment, is an example of the adaptability we need to foster in our home-grown businesses to maintain our competitive edge in the global economy.” –       The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development and Minister responsible for ACOA “For businesses to grow and create good, well-paying jobs, they must be supported in their endeavors to turn their new ideas into products that can compete in the global marketplace. Adaptiiv Medical Technologies is well-placed to help countless individuals with its technologies that can improve medical treatments, providing a strong foundation on which to build new partnerships with both clients and consumers.” –       Andy Fillmore, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Democratic Institutions and Member of Parliament for Halifax “Adaptiiv’s software enables clinicians to design and 3D print accessories for radiation therapy treatment. Our goal is to democratize the delivery of patient-specific treatment. To that end, Adaptiiv is thrilled with the support it has received from the Canadian Government and Atlantic provinces and their continued role in encouraging innovation as we work to provide our patient-specific solution to the global radiotherapy market.” –       Peter Hickey, CEO of Adaptiiv Medical Technologies 

Quick facts

    • A conventional bolus is a flat piece of rubber-like material placed on top of the patient’s skin to increase the radiation dose to the skin and to the tissues right below it. However, conventional boluses are unable to accommodate or correct for anatomical irregularities, making them less than optimal.
    • Conventional boluses often have air cavities between the bolus and skin, which can cause an under dose of medication.
    • Adaptiiv overcomes the challenges of conventional boluses and other accessories currently used in radiation therapy.
    • Adaptiiv is a software application that fully integrates with existing treatment methods, using 3D printing to produce treatment accessories on demand.
    • Adaptiiv’s algorithms automatically calculates a customized design that changes the surface shape of the bolus to allow for tailoring of dose distribution. The application produces objects that are accepted directly into the planning software and used to accurately develop a treatment plan.