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“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”

We founded WorkInsights in 2017 to understand how we work and develop analytics that quantifies and maps the productive energy of a company to highlight how the working environment limits or leverages the capacity for change, productivity, innovation, and growth. With the incredibly fast pace of change today, we need to lead and work together in ways to be ready for and responsive to change, and capable of thinking about what will come next, and innovating to take advantage of the opportunity.

We are disrupting our approach to work and performance. We are not afraid to push boundaries. Founded in our desire to have a positive impact and make change happen for the better so entrepreneurial companies can innovate and grow, we apply our curiosity to ask and listen, to understand and learn. Energy moves people to take action. The working experience affects whether that energy will be positive or not. And energy can be changed for the better. How people approach their work, the relationships between teams – from the frontline to management to leadership – can be positive, strained, or even fearful. This flow of energy affects an organization’s ability to succeed. If the energy is blocked at a level or team, it affects the organization’s ability to reach the potential to be creative, innovative and productive, and make change or growth happen. We need to measure the mindset – how people think, feel and act – of an organization to optimize the approach to work, top-down and bottom-up, we identify how to support people to function at their best. By asking questions, listening to the responses, we gain insight to work together to achieve more while building healthier working environments for healthy people and healthy businesses.



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Michael DeVenney, Founder
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