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BioTalent Canada and BioNova launch new provincial life sciences job board

HALIFAX, NS – February 10, 2020 – Today, BioTalent Canada and BioNova announced the launch of The PetriDish™ BioNova job board – giving companies in one of Canada’s fastest growing bio-economy hubs a platform to attract highly-skilled talent.

According to BioTalent Canada’s labour market report Mapping Potential, with over 100 life science companies, 26 research organizations and 11 post-secondary institutions, Nova Scotia is well positioned to lead innovation in Canada’s bio-economy.

“It is estimated that by 2030 the number of jobs in the life sciences sector in Nova Scotia will grow by 200%,” says Scott Moffitt, Executive Director at BioNova. “Providing a job board specific to life sciences companies in our province will help attract the talent they need to realize this potential for growth.”

As the HR partner and catalyst for growth in Canada’s bio-economy, BioTalent Canada has built relationships with employers, associations, academic institutions, governments and job seekers to address and alleviate the two key challenges still facing industry leaders – access to capital and access to talent.

“We look forward to working closer with our Silver partner, BioNova, to help their stakeholders with the necessary tools and services needed to succeed in a growing and competitive industry,” says Rob Henderson, President and CEO, BioTalent Canada. “The PetriDish BioNova will give life sciences companies in the province a dedicated platform to reach the right talent to drive their innovations, after all, without people, there can be no science.”

Modelled after BioTalent Canada’s national job board, The PetriDish BioNova will provide employers with the same benefits of narrowing their search for candidates by providing more relevant bio-economy applicants.

Members of BioNova can access free job postings to help with their recruiting needs.

For current openings or to post a job, visit BioNova.ca/Careers

About BioTalent Canada

BioTalent Canada™ is the HR partner and catalyst for growth in Canada’s bio-economy. Our engagement with employers, associations, post-secondary institutions, immigrant serving agencies and service providers has built a dynamic network that is identifying labour market needs, strengthening skills, connecting job-ready talent to industry and creating opportunities. For more information visit biotalent.ca.

About BioNova

BioNova leads, accelerates, and advocates for Nova Scotia’s growing health and life sciences sector. Since 1993, BioNova has been accelerating the growth of its member companies. By hosting networking and educational events, and providing connections to potential funders and business resources, BioNova helps companies succeed.  While these companies commercialize life-changing research to improve healthcare, provide healthier food, and develop clean energy solutions, BioNova advocates on behalf of the sector. BioNova champions the sector’s cluster of world-class research facilities, incubator programs, and companies who, together, bring investment and jobs to Nova Scotia. For more information visit bionova.ca.

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Biotech, the People Behind the Science

See original story from BioTalent Canada here

Meet Dr. Kirumira. Saving lives through affordable rapid diagnostics.

Many cash-strapped clinics in developing countries cannot afford traditional automated diagnostics labs. Rapid diagnostic technology has taken the guess work out of healthcare in poor regions. It is a life-saving tool for physicians that before could only rely on physical examination for diagnosis.

Name: Dr. Abdullah K. Kirumira
Title: Chairman and Technical Director at BioMedica Diagnostics
Adjunct Professor of Biochemistry at Acadia University, Nova Scotia
Organization: BioMedica Diagnostics
Expertise: Rapid Medical Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Clinical Research, Commercialization
Background: Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Health Care


I am most passionate about… Affordable Medical Diagnostic technologies for the poorest of the poor. Many cash-strapped clinics in developing countries cannot afford traditional automated diagnostics labs. At BioMedica Diagnostics, we use some of the proceeds from the sales of QuikCoag™, a series of blood coagulation testing reagents used to diagnose “lifestyle-diseases” of rich countries, like clotting disorders, and heart disease, along with surplus, underutilized, smaller and affordable diagnostic-equipment to create inexpensive portable diagnostic-minilabs. It’s my mission to help save lives in remote areas where access to healthcare is difficult.
What do you wish the public would know about your field? Access to accurate diagnosis could cut unnecessary mortality rates by as much as 25% in developing regions such as Africa.
I am most proud about… Applying innovative biotechnology to link the Medical Diagnostic needs of developed and developing communities. I am proud of the products that have resulted from my research in the past 20 years and the impact they have had on healthcare in the third world. Medmira Rapid HIV Test has made HIV diagnosis accessible even to remote villages in developing countries, giving test results in 2-3 minutes.
Biggest misconception about biotech is… that it’s all about DNA recombinant technology. It really is about the impact. The combination of Biology, Chemistry and Engineering has brought tremendous impact on healthcare and agriculture. Rapid diagnostic technology has taken the guess work out of healthcare in poor regions. The technology is a life-saving tool for physicians that before could only rely on physical examination for diagnosis.
To someone just starting in biotech I would say… Pursue your passion. It is a versatile area with applications in most disciplines key to global economic development (Medicine, Energy, Agriculture, Microelectronics, Defence and Environment Protection, among others). If you are a newcomer to Canada, use the education and training opportunities available to you, to give back to your country of origin. The ability to give back has been a very fulfilling experience for me.
What’s the best part about working in biotech? Coming up with innovations that impact global human-health and economic well-being. Biotechnology has had tremendous impact on healthcare and agriculture. We now have the capability to cure diseases that we weren’t able to cure before. Farmers can cultivate high-yielding crop in arid areas where agriculture was not possible.
Most-admired scientist: Imhotep (2890 BC.) Father of Medicine in Ancient Egypt who was worshipped by the Greeks and Romans for his brilliance and medical discoveries.
Favorite pastimes: Tennis.
Favorite Book:  “World’s Great Men of Colour” by J.A Rogers.
Favorite destination: Uganda.