Appili Therapeutics is developing novel approaches to lead the fight against infectious disease. Despite numerous achievements in the development of anti-infectives, infectious disease remains the leading cause of death worldwide. Many pathogens are becoming increasingly resistant to standard anti-infectives, making treatment difficult or even impossible. The emergence and spread of deadly viruses and antimicrobial resistant bacteria and parasites remain critical threats to human health.

Antimicrobial resistance is one of the most urgent health care issues today, driven by the overuse and improper use of antibiotics and anti-infectives. While historically there have many alternative antibiotics available for treatment of bacterial infections, today the development of antibiotics has slowed dramatically. Many infections acquired in hospitals are caused by bacteria that are resistant to at least one commonly used drug therapy and are associated with lengthier hospital stays, very high costs of treatment and an increased incidence of mortality. Appili Therapeutics is developing novel strategies to bring new classes of antibiotics and anti-infectives to the clinic to improve treatment and health of patients suffering from infection.


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