Leading Health and Life Sciences in Nova Scotia

Chelation Partners Incorporated is a Halifax based Canadian company providing a novel approach to combat microbes that cause disease or product spoilage. This new approach is based on a relatively simple concept: selectively remove an essential and irreplaceable element – iron – as absolutely needed for growth by all pathogenic bacteria and fungi. This technology for controlling microbes has been made possible by a new family of selective and highly effective iron chelating agents that have been developed by Chelation Partners. Intercepting iron with the CP™ Technology reduces growth of pathogens, diminishes their ability to resist other agents such as antibiotics and, denial of a source of iron ultimately causes microbial death.

CP™ agents present three broad areas for commercial use in the near term:

1.     Preservation/ Microbial Security of Pharmaceutical and related Products

2.     Restoration of efficacy of antibiotics for drug resistant superbugs

3.     New Anti-Infective Antimicrobial Agent Products

In the longer-term, the CP™ agents may provide an important role in other therapeutic areas involving iron metabolism such as enhancing effectiveness of cancer treatment.