Leading Health and Life Sciences in Nova Scotia

PhotoDynamic Inc. (PDI) is a testament to the ever pivoting start-up. Originally developed as an agri-tech plant extraction company named Fenol Farm Inc., the business quickly morphed into a bacteria killing natural health product company, targeting oral bacteria and the oral hygiene market. The extent of the pivoting led the business to change the company name in November 2014 to better reflect the market and industry they compete in.
Now firmly planted in the life sciences industry, PDI is focused on providing Orthodontists tools to combat oral hygiene related tooth decay. Teeth fitted with braces are tough to clean, and worse, bacteria that collect around them cause permanent damage and lead to unsightly white spot lesions. PDI’s technology allows orthodontists to fit braces and send patients home with a medical device and natural paste that kills all the bacteria around the brace brackets and completely eliminates the damage caused by bacteria.
PDI’s C0-founder, Dr. Sherri McFarland has been developing synthetic compounds to kill cancer cells for nearly a decade as a chemistry professor at Acadia University. These same compounds are effective antibiotics, and her discovery of a natural source of similar compounds led her to investigate their anti bacterial properties.
Now PDI’s proprietary natural plant extract, provides the activity for their natural oral hygiene product. Aft er two years of research and pivoting towards the Orthodontic market, PDI is gearing up for its first human safety study and is planning to launch its first product in September 2016. As we strive for the perfect smile and healthy teeth, PDI is positioning itself to be a critical tool for perfection. Let’s all smile for PDIs continued success.