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Monday, June 6, 2016, BioMedica Diagnostics is proud to announce that it will receive a non-repayable financial contribution from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) to support research towards a new approach for monitoring blood clotting profiles. This agreement represents funding of up to $371,787, in addition to technical and business advisory services. Over the next two years, NRC-IRAP will provide support to BioMedica Diagnostics on a specific pipeline program that is focused on developing the next generation of innovative and novel base IVD technologies. The new products to be developed will be offered to BioMedica Diagnostics’ global commercial partners. These technologies are focused on ultimately improving diagnosis and patient outcomes, as well as lowering healthcare costs to Canadians and people around the world. At BioMedica Diagnostics, technical innovation is the lifeblood of our operation. The technical and financial support of NRC-IRAP is highly valuable to continue to allow BioMedica Diagnostics to excel in our field. Successful development and commercialization of this important pipeline initiative allows BioMedica Diagnostics to continue to evolve and grow, creating products with positive health impacts together with jobs in Nova Scotia and in Canada, while lending meaningful contributions to the vital Canadian biotechnology community. The team at BioMedica Diagnostics would like to acknowledge and thank the Government of Canada and NRC-IRAP for the support of this exciting project.]]>