Leading Health and Life Sciences in Nova Scotia

Read full issue of LINK magazine here. Halifax-based company Sona Nanotech is manufacturing the first ever toxin-free gold nanorods that are safe for researchers to use in human trials to treat numerous diseases. The company, which began as a research project, is now working towards commercializing their innovative products while building key partnerships with distributors. A gold nanorod is a microscopic rod-shaped particle that can be used in lateral flow assays, such as pregnancy tests, as well as to deliver medicine to specific areas of the body that require treatment. Gold nanorods have many applications in healthcare including cancer treatment, liposuction, diagnostic imaging and location-specific drug and pain treatment. Before Sona’s toxin-free gold nanorods, scientists would try to mitigate toxin exposure by coating the nanorods, rather than reconstruct them altogether. Since Sona’s breakthrough, the company has been busy working to bring their gold nanorods to the global market. The recently appointed President and CEO, Darren Rowles, has over 15 years of experience working with gold nanoparticles and has been leading the company’s business development efforts. Sona recently announced a merger with Stockport Exploration, a move that has allowed them to focus solely on producing gold nanorods. They also received a funding boost from Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), giving them the opportunity to focus on their global ambitions and build a quality team.]]>