Leading Health and Life Sciences in Nova Scotia

Stephen Hartlen


Assistant Vice President (Industry Relations) & Executive Director, Dalhousie University Industry Liaison & Innovation

Mp>Before joining the Industry Liaison and Innovation (ILI) office in 2011, Stephen Hartlen spent eight years at Innovacorp, where he served as vice president of mentoring and, for the final year, as interim president and CEO. Prior to Innovacorp, Mr. Hartlen worked in the private sector for 14 years, where he was involved in a range of activities including sales, business development and the development of “go-to-market” strategies for various products and services.

Since taking the ILI position, Mr. Hartlen’s focus has been on ways to link Dalhousie researchers to industry, with the goal of seeing more of Dal’s research efforts reaching the market and thus boosting the university’s reputation while having a positive impact on the local economy.