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Still basking in the glow of landing a first client in China, Dartmouth-based Partner International ’s top exec was honoured Wednesday evening in St. John’s, N.L. as one of the region’s Top 50 CEOs. “I am in amazing company and really honoured to be recognized in this way,” Joanne Ball-Gautschi, Partner International’s president and chief executive officer, said in a statement. “Partner International does business all over the globe and we do it from our base in Halifax. We are very proud of that.” The privately-held company does not divulge its revenues. But Mark Regular, the company’s vice-president of business development, said Wednesday that Partner International has offices in the United States, Australia and Switzerland as well as Canada, and business development teams in 26 countries. The firm employs 18 people in its four offices. Earlier this month, the 17-year-old company announced it ha d inked a deal with one of the biggest healthcare groups in China, Shanghai Fosum Pharmaceutical Group. That deal includes business development support for two of the Chinese company’s subsidiaries. The first is a molecule-development company targeting diabetes and cancer, and the other is developing antibody therapies. Partner International’s role will include helping those companies with partnership opportunities and licensing outside China. “Our reputation in the international market helped secure the agreement,” said Ball-Gautschi in a statement. “We have built a solid track record in the life sciences industry delivering results for our international clients.” Partner International works with scientists, researchers, doctors and engineers to bring their technologies to global markets, particularly in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. In addition to the recognition she received from Atlantic Business Magazine, Ball-Gautschi has also been recognized by the University of Ottawa as a leading woman entrepreneur. She sat for more than 12 years on the board of the Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Nova Scotia and was the first woman to hold the board position of executive vice-president.

5 tips from Partner International on Global Licensing Strategy

Going global? Partner International can help. Last month, BioNova hosted a Lunch & Learn with Partner International on global licensing strategy and global expansion plans tailored to the life sciences sector. Partner International is a leading international business development service provider in the life sciences sector, completing billions of dollars of transactions, over its 17 years of operation, while executing business development mandates in companies from big pharma to start up biotechs. They have clients all over the globe, including their first Chinese client they recently closed. They help life sciences companies with accelerating business development transactions and anything in the corporate development sector. Some common transactions in life sciences deals include licensing, partnering, collaborations, mergers, investment & distribution. Partner International can do it all.  

 The first step in going global is understanding where you are and where you want to go.
– Mark Regular, Executive Director of Business Development Here are 5 steps you’ll take with Partner International:  
  • Define objectives and criteria for potential partners
In the business development process, a crucial first step is defining specifically what you expect from your potential partners. This ensures your company can build a mutually beneficial relationship right from the start. Let Partner International’s 17 years of experience guide you.
  • Find the right person in a company and build those relationships
If your company continues to reach out to the same contact and continues to receive the same “Sorry, we’re not interested”, don’t give up! Mark and Joanne (Co-Founder and President) know who to contact and can get you that meeting.
  • Build a valuable IP portfolio
Your company needs to show why and how it’s unique. What makes your company’s product or service stand out? Where’s the data to back it up? Do you have any patents or copyrights?
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of interdependence
The business development process can be complicated and there are many factors to consider. From your suppliers to your governance, and from royalties to warranties, these roles are all connected.  
  •  Due diligence
Put in the work. This shows a willingness of both parties to collaborate and be professional. It can also be a predictor of the future relationship with the potential partner. Partner International knows a thing or two about partners!

Partner International will help you take over the globe, one deal at a time.

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