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ENTREVESTOR: Embracing Changes in Healthcare

See original Entrevestor article here By: Peter Moreira Delegates to BioPort 2017 on Wednesday were told of the impact of recent life sciences innovation in Atlantic Canada and encouraged to embrace further change. The impact so far is found in the fact that $1 billion has flowed into Atlantic Canada in the last six years from exits by companies in the life sciences and digital health space, and follow-on investment by the companies that bought them. BioPort is the annual get-together for life sciences entrepreneurs and innovators in the region, and the gathering this year celebrated the growth of biotech in the region, especially in New Brunswick. Pfera Inc., the winner of the BioInnovation Challenge, the conference’s $45,000 pitching competition, is from New Brunswick, as are Zecken Laboratories and Tieös Pharmaceuticals Inc., the two other finalists in the event. (Read our full report on the BioInnovation Challenge.) The delegates were told to embrace further innovations, especially in overall healthcare. Peter Vaughan, Chair of Canada Health Infoway and Nova Scotia’s former Deputy Health Minister, urged the delegates to embrace current innovations in healthcare – not just futuristic technologies on the horizon but products that are on the market now. For example, he cited such companies as Babylon Healthcare in the U.K. and the Mercy Virtual in St. Louis as organizations that are cutting costs and meeting patient requirements through online and video consultations, often including drug delivery. Patient surveys show that citizens want modern medical processes like e-prescriptions, online access to their medical records and timely medical consultations – goals met by groups like Babylon and Mercy. These organizations also meet the needs of government, as provinces spend upwards of 40 percent of their budgets on healthcare, only to find that 30 percent of healthcare spending has no value, said Vaughan. “You’re starting to get a picture of what’s available in the present,” said Vaughan. “So how do we take these things and change the one thing that’s on everyone’s mind – access to healthcare?” Vaughan said the future of healthcare is found in data because the analysis of vast reams of healthcare data reveals patterns that can predict severe health problems. This data can signal a problem is imminent so measures can be taken to prevent a crisis. Multinationals like Google, Apple and Amazon are now analyzing such data in the cloud, he said, but there is an opportunity for public, open data projects that could benefit everyone. He called on the Atlantic Provinces to come together to pioneer such a project with the data from its 2.2 million residents. “We in this country have the opportunity to produce a publicly funded ecosystem,” he told the assembled innovators. “This is the opportunity we face in Atlantic Canada. We can be that industry and then you can have access to more information than you ever imagined.” Scott Moffitt, Executive Director of BioNova, said in an interview there is evidence the life sciences segment in the region is evolving as exits in the space have created about $1 billion in investment. The exits of the past few years in the life sciences and digital health segments have included the sale of Ocean Nutrition Canada of Dartmouth for $540 million, BioVectra of Charlottetown for $100 million, and STI Technologies of Halifax, reportedly for more than $200 million. Moffitt said his tally also included other exits and investments that the purchasing companies made after the purchases closed. ]]>

News Release: PopRx partners with innoviCares to help patients access medications with fewer barriers

here PopRx, the Canadian leader in mobile pharmacy applications, has partnered with STI Technologies Limited’s innoviCares program to offer Canadians a comprehensive mobile solution to their healthcare needs. PopRx, the Canadian on-demand pharmacy app that connects you to a local independent pharmacist to manage, order and deliver your medication, has taken significant strides in reducing prescription medication costs to Canadians and Canadian employers by partnering with innoviCares to ensure that patients across the country are able to save money on the prescription medications their physician has prescribed. InnoviCares is a free prescription savings card that helps Canadian patients save money on select prescription medications at pharmacy. Funded by participating pharmaceutical manufacturers, innoviCares works like any insurance card to provide savings at the point of purchase at pharmacy. It also delivers electronic tools to help users manage their healthcare through refill reminders, medication tracking and more. “We are lucky to be a health tech company in Canada, where we can connect with other Canadian health partners, like innoviCares, who share our vision for reducing costs and increasing access to vital medication for all Canadians,” says Dr. Ali Esmail, CEO of PopRx. “InnoviCares is a great product, and many of our customers, and Canadians everywhere, had no idea that services like this existed, which is why we have integrated it into our PopRx app. We see this as a huge step forward for access to affordable medication that people need across the country.” Through the partnership, PopRx and innoviCares ensure Canadians are able to receive the prescription medications prescribed by a physician with fewer barriers, including a reduction in cost and access to a pharmacy. When a patient fills or refills a prescription with PopRx, they can use their innoviCares card to save money, live-chat with a pharmacist if needed, and take advantage of free, same-day delivery in major markets across the country. “Partnering with PopRx was a natural fit for us,” Dave Morton, EVP of STI Technologies, said. “Integration with the PopRx mobile app is just another way we can help patients gain access to medications of their choosing, based on their physician’s advice.” The PopRx app is available online on both Apple iOS and Android on both the App Store and Play Store. Simply download PopRx for free and create an account to benefit from both PopRx and the innoviCares card today. PopRx is currently available in the following cities:

  • Toronto
  • Calgary
  • Brampton
  • Vancouver
  • Winnipeg
  • Hamilton
  • Oshawa
  • Kitchener
  • Ajax
  • Guelph
  • Waterloo
  • Lethbridge

STI Technologies CEO, TIM Gillis named one of Atlantic Canada's Top 50 CEOs'

Atlantic Business Magazine’s Top 50 CEO awards recognize corporate leadership excellence. Winners are bold, savvy and entrepreneurial in spirit. They are proud community supporters and active volunteers. They are dedicated to advancing their industry, increasing their organization’s financial well-being and improving the quality of life in Atlantic Canada. Read the article here Congrats, Tim!]]>

InnoviCares Welcomes Olympic Champion Catriona Le May Doan as Ambassador

See original article here
HALIFAX, NS–(Marketwired – April 12, 2016) – Halifax-based STI Technologies Limited is proud to announce two-time Olympic gold medalist Catriona Le May Doan as their innoviCares ambassador.
Catriona was the world’s fastest woman on ice and the first Canadian to defend a gold medal at any Olympic games. Today, she shares her keys to success both on and off the ice with Canadians across the country.
To become an Olympic gold medalist, Catriona says athletes must choose a routine and training program that best suits their body type and personality. “Everyone is different and something that helps one athlete succeed doesn’t necessarily work for someone else,” says Catriona.
“You really have to explore your options and when you find a program that works for you, it’s important to stick with it — consistency is a major key to success.”
After years of pushing herself to the limit to achieve her goal, Catriona, like many athletes, now suffers from arthritis and chronic pain in her feet and lower back.
“Pain is an unfortunate symptom of high-level competition, but it certainly doesn’t have to control your life,” says Catriona. “My doctor and I chose the treatment that works best for me and I believe every Canadian should have access to a treatment plan that works best for them, regardless of cost or the drug coverage someone has.”
Today, one in every 30 Canadians — like Catriona — uses their free innoviCares card to help them save money on select, brand-name prescriptions at their local pharmacy.
There are more than 100 brands available through the innoviCares card, which is accepted at over 98 per cent of Canadian pharmacies.
“We started innoviCares with the goal of empowering Canadians to take control of their health and we’re thrilled to be helping more than 1.5 million patients access the medications prescribed by their physician,” says Tim Gillis, CEO of STI Technologies Limited. “With more than 100 brands available through innoviCares, now is the time to tell all Canadians about innoviCares.”
InnoviCares will continue to add new medications and other healthcare products to its extensive list in 2016, further supporting Canadians’ choices in managing their health.
About Catriona Le May Doan
Olympic Champion Speed Skater | Olympic Broadcaster

In any endeavour, crossing the finish line first — and repeatedly — takes incredible determination, dedication and talent. Catriona Le May Doan knows all about it. Canada’s Athlete of the year in 2002, Catriona Le May Doan is the speed skater whose world record-setting wins captivated and inspired millions of Canadians. The fastest woman on ice and the Canadian flag bearer at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games opening ceremonies, she won the gold medal in the 500 metre event at those very games, defending her 1998 Olympic 500m gold and became the first Canadian to defend a gold medal at any Olympic Games. She has broken the world record for the event 8 times, and at the 2002 games, set the Olympic record time of 37.30 seconds. She is also a 5-time World Champion. Although she has retired from the world of competitive speed skating, she is still a central figure in the sport. She served as the primary colour commentator for the CTV television broadcast of long track speed skating at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games which earned her a Gemini for Best Sports Analyst. Catriona was co-host for CTV’s Olympic Morning at the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games. In 2016 Catriona joined Sport Calgary as the new Senior Director of Community Engagement and Marketing. In her role, Catriona will be a champion of amateur sport in Calgary, building connections with over 400 community sport organizations, and helping support and advocate for the 400,000 active amateur athletes. Le May Doan is not only a champion of sport but a talented motivational speaker as well. Articulate, engaging and fluently bilingual, she connects with audiences by discussing how to achieve personal excellence and motivating people to realize their full potential. Her achievements have landed her in the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame, the Canadian Olympic Committee Sports Hall of Fame, and was appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada. Whenever she speaks, she conveys in a clear and compelling way why she is — and always will be — a champion.
About innoviCares
InnoviCares is Canada’s largest free prescription savings card, covering more than 100 brand-name medications and healthcare products from 23 Canadian pharmaceutical manufacturers.
The innoviCares card works like any drug insurance card at the pharmacy, instantly paying a portion of the cost of participating products. Funded by participating pharmaceutical manufacturers, innoviCares is easy to use and available to all Canadians at no cost.
InnoviCares delivers choice, is easy to use, and supports Canadians to achieve better health outcomes. We’re empowering Canadians to take control of their health.
More information: https://www.innovicares.ca/en
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